Metaphor of Light
Project Year : 1999
Project Size : eight 8mx8mx8m cubes


Light creates shade which allow us to see object. Light, which passes through the void, lets us recognize the existence of all solid objects in both visual and intellectual way. Can light deliver a message to us in a void space, not merely function as “seeing-aid” device? Here are eight 8X8X8m cubes. The objective of this project, which is in the middle of architecture and stage design in its concept, is to experiment with the effect of light on solid and void. I intend to find out whether the light coming through aperture can visualize abstract images and I believe this project offers a number of possibilities.

Void lets light pass, solid reflects. Depending on how to design solid and void, the mood inside a cube can change substantially. The theme of this project, as mentioned above, is to study the impact of light on solid or/and void design.  It is needed to simplify the spatial limit in order to amplify the changed inside a space. So I choose the most typical and stable form, cubes, for this experiment. In a sense, these eight cubes are not completion. Maybe they are the expression of all spatial studies that I have conducted and the beginning of the extension for studies on light, be it natural or artificial light.