HAAK architects is an award-winning design firm that pursues the balance in social and cultural relationships. We pursue the efficiency in architectural solutions by combining innovative concept making, material research, application of technology, and work processes. We also appreciate and try to enhance the value of craftsmanship and analog sensitivity in our current digital society. We aim to create an inspiring and practical workspace by closely collaborating with clients together, developing a vision for exceptional architecture and committing to realizing that shared vision. HAAK architects is a registered architecture design firm in the NY-NJ-PA area (NY: #035756, NJ: #01953600, PA: #408218). Our expertise covers all architectural design services from concept design to construction administration.

HAAK architects is a certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise.


OUR scope of service

  • architecture

  • interior / renovation

  • furniture / lighting / product / display

  • sustainable design & consulting

  • scenic design (stage set)



  • We strive to practice in a righteous market where honest service is guaranteed.

  • We refuse to mindlessly abide ineffective habits in practice while instead maintaining valuable traditions.

  • We embrace the client’s vision and try to realize a shared vision through our architecture.

  • Based on a mutual trust between the client and the architects that allows us to closely collaborate, we establish an enthusiastic and productive workplace.

  • We work with pride knowing that we are contributing to the betterment of our community and culture.

  • We are honest and optimistic architects. We always bear this in mind.



  • We maintain a design inspired by analogue sensitivity and craftsmanship while embracing the fast-growing digital technology.

  • We pursue design intuitionally touching others’ sensibility without needing words.

  • We place much care in all details of any project because we believe that a small part of a project can be representative of the project in its entirety.

  • We will achieve an architecture that demonstrates the power of study and process, not one that is a mere showy output.