Spring restaurant

Design Year: 2017
Project Type: Restaurant
Location: Boston, MA
Gross Floor Area: 7,350 sf
Architect of Record: fda
MEP Engineer: Bala l TMP
Photo Credit: Maggie Hall
Project Status: Completed

Spring Restaurant is a buffet restaurant located in Boston, Massachusetts. It is HAAK's first built project outside the NY/NJ area.
The walls in the dining hall are decorated with either a collage compiled with porcelain tiles or with a pattern made with reclaimed wood panels, all in greys or browns. The floor is of neutral polished concrete, and the exposed ceiling is painted in light grey. The pendant lightings are custom-made in metal, sculpted into truncated square pyramids and then scattered about the dining hall like a cluster of islands. Their outsides are painted in light grey, blending with the surrounding ceiling, but their insides are in green; their light sources are sheathed in barrisol. What shines down is a soft, even light with a bare trace of a green.
The dropping ceiling above the food station is cladded in sheets of copper. The reflective surface of the metal captures every color of the different ingredients below. The walls here are wrapped in porcelain tiles of varying tones of beige.
Both the dining hall and the food station share a controlled color palette predominantly based around the colors copper, beige, and grey. The muted background allows the rare instances of green – found not only in the pendants, the banquette seating, and the restaurant's logo but also in the ingredients – to be extraordinary.

Floor plan

Floor plan

Reflected ceiling plan

Reflected ceiling plan