Suffern beauty salon

Design Year: 2017
Type: interior renovation
Location: Suffern, NY
Gross floor area: 1,780sf
Project Status: completed


As a retail space, the owner wanted an eye-catching design to attract customers. We took advantage of the existing high ceiling-18ft. What we came up with is to raise the one side of the ceiling as high as we can (14ft) and design a spectacular ceiling. We designed a continuous 50’-long rounded ceiling and put a beautiful linear pattern with stained oak woods on it. The long wood pieces were attached with shingle system method to make the pattern more sophisticated and rich. This random wood pattern created by four different stain colors was also vertically used for the massage room wall which has a rounded plan shape. The balanced counterpoint of the long horizontal linear pattern on the ceiling and vertical one on the wall is a design key point in this interior. We wanted customers to catch a fascinating glimpse into the moment when people look at the ceiling fresco in an Italian Renaissance building. Almost nothing is symmetric here, but our goal in design was to create a visual balance and cohesion through this asymmetric configuration. The rest of the interior surface is painted in white to emphasize these two main elements.

In order to create a cohesive space, we designed a custom inbuilt cabinet which also mimics the curvature of the ceiling. Also, we selected the pendant lighting fixture with concrete rounded shade to match with the ceiling design.

This 1,700 square feet beauty salon is located at a small mall building, right on the edge of town. Also, there exists an overhang in front of the storefront. So, people can hardly notice the existence of the shop. However, through this interior design, this shop is now emanating a unique appeal up to the other side of parking lot and attracting many customers.

1suffern_small size.jpg