Type : Interactive Digital Performance
Performance year : Dec. 2000
Performance venue : Posco Center, Seoul
Worked with set designer Junseob Kim


This dance performance is a duo dancing with the theme of the combination of art and technology. Sensor plays music as dancers move and visual images are accompanied throughout this performance. From September 2000 to early December, I attended all idea meeting and videotaped all practices to write time scenario. The performance was carried out on the fountain in POSCO CENTER -the headquarter of world famous steel giant and the most advanced intelligent building in Korea. In order to keep the marble floor of the fountain intact, I decided to lift the stage over the fountain and build stage sub-structure with H-beam which is very affordable and represents corporate image of the steel company.


To make the plan work, I had to minimize damage to H-beam. Therefore, I designed stage sub-structure with no processing of H-beam such as welding and bolting as much as possible. I fully utilized dynamics that I learned in university to calculate very light but non-deflective H-beam.

I put 81 touch pressure sensor-attached-panels over the structure. Every time dancers step on each panel, different sounds were generated. Again, our team decided to make the panels on our own for cost reduction. Stage designer Mr.Kim suggested using 9mm veneer boards, sponge tapes, aluminum foils, plastic sheets, metal sheet papers to make the panels. 

On the back of the stage, we hung sloping screen, which displays visual images projected from ground floor lobby throughout the performance. The images are reflected on metallic material of stage, producing psychedelic setting.