Triplex Suite, Lotte new york palace hotel

Design Year : 2018
Type : Renovation
Location : Manhattan, NY
Gross floor area : 5,000 sf
Project Status : Finalist

HAAK architects has been selected within the top two finalists of the Lotte New York Palace Hotel's invited competition calling for a renovation of the hotel's Triplex Suite. 
In our vision of the Triplex Suite, each space tells a story about what happens when ‘East meets West meets Classic meets Modern.’ We try to balance the four themes through our choice of material, considering color, texture, and pattern. We repeat a pattern inspired by craquelure (cracks on the pottery surface) but with different materials and scales, and a series of arches recalls back to the loggia often seen in Italian Renaissance architecture. On the top floor is an outdoor terrace where residents can watch movies against a backdrop of the Manhattan skyline.

08_main living hall.jpg
09_dining room.jpg
10_library and tea room.jpg
11_master bedroom.jpg
12_special room and terrace.jpg