Design Year: 2013

Type: Nail shop

Location: Mansfield, NJ

Gross Area: 1,250 sf

Project Status: completed


The major issue of this project was the low ceiling height due to the existing duct location. In order to solve this problem,  HAAK architects exposed the ceiling structure by partially opening the drywall ceiling while hiding the existing duct. 

This rectangular space has been executed by elaborately incising the planes and creating the architectural opening /gap in the wall. The dark zone for pedicure service creates a nice contrast with the overall white planes, providing a relaxed ambience for the pedicure customers.

SWG Restaurant




Design Year: 2014

Type: Restaurant renovation (façade & interior)

Location: Flushing, NY

Gross floor area: 5,520sf

Project Status: completed


This is a renovation project for 30-year-old renowned restaurant in Flushing , NY. HAAK architects designed the new facade, entrance vestibule, waiting area, interior walls, basement floor, and all custom furniture. The focus of this design was the balance and interaction between materials. We explored a diversity of materials and tried to interweave them with each other. The facade which are clad with limestone(honed finish) and acid etched aluminum louvers provides this drab area with a comfortable and sophisticated look, creating a new yet humble relationship to the surrounding context. For the interior space we used various different materials based on a strict color palette. We tried to create a space in a more intimate and warmer atmosphere within the variety of material use.

152 Orchard


152 Orchard


Design Year: 2015

Type: Restaurant + Bar

Location: Manhattan, NY

Gross floor area: 4,265 sf (Ground+Mezzanine+Basement)

Project Status: Completed